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Identify suppliers

If your organisation has a new procurement requirement that cannot be met by reusing or recycling existing goods or services, or by using an existing contract or framework, you should get quotations from a minimum of three suppliers. These suppliers should have the experience and expertise to meet your requirements.

  1. 1 Your organisation may already have the answer to your requirement
    Check whether your requirements can be met by reusing or recycling existing goods or services, or by using an existing contract or framework, before proceeding with a new procurement.
  2. 2 Sell2Wales has a helpful ‘Quick Quote’ system
    Sell2Wales offers a 'Quick Quote' system to seek quotations from registered suppliers, which means a lot of the hard work has already been done. Make the most of this.
  3. 3 Business Wales can help you identify potential suppliers
    This team in Welsh Government supports public sector buyers and suppliers to come together. Talk to them to understand how they can help you to encourage more constructive engagement, and greater competition and innovation.
  4. 4 Competition and innovation can lead to better outcomes
    Look beyond existing suppliers and actively engage new suppliers for each procurement. Competition encourages innovation and improved well-being impact.
  5. 5 You may need to approach more than three suppliers
    To make sure you get three quotes back from suppliers, you may need to approach four or five suppliers in case not all respond.

5 things to know

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Getting Started

What to think about first

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How to Identify Potential Suppliers

Potential suppliers may be identified by searching the register of suppliers on Sell2Wales. This website offers a ‘Quick Quote’ system to help you get quotations from suppliers registered on the website.

If your organisation does not use Sell2Wales, you can search for potential suppliers using internet searches, trade publications or phone directories.

If you are unable to identify three suppliers, you should refer to the guidance found in Route 2 and get in touch with your local procurement team.

A Non-Competitive Action

If only one supplier can undertake the work required, you should contact your central procurement team or senior management for advice.  One possible option may be to seek approval for a Non-Competitive Action (NCA) from your central procurement team or senior management. You should then follow the remainder of this process. For commercial reasons, you should not inform the supplier that they are the only supplier involved in the process.

Note: A Non-Competitive Action is an exceptional procedure and should:

  • be strictly limited ;
  • receive approval from your organisation’s senior management to proceed with this process;
  • be documented and retained for audit purposes
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You should try to not restrict your selection to existing suppliers, but include new suppliers for each procurement exercise.

This will:

  • facilitate competition
  • encourage innovation
  • ensure best value in future service delivery
  • help suppliers, who have not previously bid for Welsh public sector work, to gain access to opportunities and gain experience working for the Welsh Public Sector.
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Before carrying on, please check you’ve got everything you need.

You need to have:

  • registered on Sell2Wales
  • received senior management approval
  • documented all activities related to identifying suppliers for your procurement exercise
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Net Zero

When you’re identifying suppliers, you should consider how you can tackle carbon emissions through the procurement.

When identifying suppliers, it’s important to carry out research that includes understanding whether there have been any changes in the market, and whether there are any new innovations/technology or alternative service delivery approaches which can help inform your procurement strategy. It’s also important to talk with suppliers as part of early market engagement.

This research and market engagement should be framed by net zero, and more broadly the goals and ways of working contained in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, and the Wales Procurement Policy Statement principles,

Read the Welsh Procurement Policy Note (WPPN) 12/21 ‘Decarbonisation through procurement – Addressing CO2e in supply chains’ for more information on the actions that can be taken to address CO2e emissions in supply chains for PGS, to help meet the 2030 target for a net zero public sector.

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