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Lunch and Learn
31 Jan

#Learning | An introduction to whole-life costing

WRAP Cymru would like to invite you to a webinar on an introduction to whole life costing. This provides best practice and case study examples of how to implement a sustainable procurement approach using the Whole Life Costing approach. Developed for public sector bodies in Wales, the procurement guide can be used to influence buying decisions and embed circular economy principles at the core of your organisation’s strategy to achieve low-carbon commitments and WFG Act goals.

This short webinar will give an overview of the guidance document and practical steps in procurement best practice. Products should be assessed not just on price and performance, but also on their environmental and social impact using a life cycle costing approach to procurement which considers impacts throughout the entire life of the product, from extracting the raw materials to final product disposal. The guide can be used for reference for the overall procurement process, and at any point throughout it.

Our WRAP Cymru Business Account Managers will also be on hand to respond to your questions throughout the event.

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