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Cyd is the new centre of excellence where procurement and commercial communities can learn and support each other.

Our initial focus is on the role of procurement and commercial in supporting Wales’ target to reach Net Zero by 2030.

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The collaborative space for procurement & commercial communities in Wales

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The Procurement Journey

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The procurement journey is based on 4 broad stages – Plan, Define, Procure and Manage – which collectively make up the commercial lifecycle. Each stage progressively builds on recommended steps from the previous stage, so although you can look at any stage individually, it’s advised to start from the initial ‘Plan’ stage. This is because the pre-procurement stages are vital for setting off with the right foundations in place.

There are 4 sections:


Having clear and transparent commercial pipelines and a good understanding of the market to plan for the procurement process

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Achieving flexible, efficient procurement processes that encourage broad participation and are open and accessible to all

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Evaluating bidder compliance with exclusion grounds and selecting suitable suppliers for the contract

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Working with suppliers and managing the contract to ensure successful achievement of contractual outcomes

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We’ve brought together a range of resources to support you at each stage of your procurement journey.

Visit the link below to view resources relate to every stage of the procurement journey.

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