The new Cyd site is live | Tell us what you think

Following an initial test period with the Cyd community, we’re ready for the Beta launch of the development website to support Wales’ procurement and commercial professionals 

From today, procurement and commercial professionals in Wales have access to an online space designed to guide users through the routes to engage with suppliers and obtain services; with access to policy, case studies and a colleague community.  

We’ve been developing the new site based on feedback from users and our test community, and although still in Beta, already provides a taste of what the wider site will offer. The site will be home to Cyd services, and as a shared hub for practitioners, this space will be shaped by the community, for the community.  


Let us know what you think! has reached this point because of our team of testers and the wider Cyd community. If you’re not already involved then you can sign up now to help shape Cyd services And, if you’re already part of the network shaping the development of the site and the Cyd services, have a look around and ask yourself who isn’t represented across your procurement peer group – invite them to share their thoughts, and help make the support better for everyone. 


Working in the open 

We’ll continue to share how the services are developing and what we’re learning as we go.  We’ve been sharing progress openly through Show and Tells that are also recorded so that anyone who misses them can watch them on catch up, sharing with our test community and taking on board their feedback and insight.  

As we go into this next period of development and shared learning, we’ll continue to share blogs and case studies, and proactively shape the site and Cyd services based on the communities’ needs.   


What’s next? 

Learning and development opportunities; interactivity and online forums; creation of personal spaces to curate a specific to you… these are just some of the ideas we’re developing around the next stage of the site, but we’d love to hear about what you’d like to see. Get involved in shaping Cyd services here 👉🏽