The Procurement Act – Knowledge Drops

To prepare stakeholders for the introduction of the new Procurement Act, the UK Government has launched its series of Knowledge Drop videos to provide stakeholders, including suppliers, SMEs and VCSEs, with a high level overview of the changes.

These changes will not only affect those in commercial or procurement departments, rather they require cultural change across the Welsh public sector. The information contained within these videos will therefore be beneficial to senior leaders, finance directors, policy makers, lawyers, digital and data teams and anyone who interacts with tender processes or manages public contracts.

The Knowledge Drops are tailored to different audiences, and include:

  • Contracting authorities: 45 minutes in total, broken down into 6 smaller sections.
  • Suppliers: 45 minutes in total, broken down into 3 smaller sections.
  • VCSE and SME suppliers: 45 minutes in total, broken down into 3 smaller sections.

There are also accompanying fact sheets that will outline any specific differences for Wales, utilities, light touch, defence and security, concessions and schools.

You can view and access all the Knowledge Drops and factsheets on a dedicated page on the UK Government’s ‘Transforming Public Procurement’ webpages here.